In the crowd of polished vitrified tiles brand present in the market, there is something which makes Kaneria Tiles to lead them; it is the India’s No.1 Quality production and innovative designs. Pursuing all the qualities of a Visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Anil Kaneria has been characterizing the role of a Perfect Leader that has given rise to the “Team Kaneria”.He is young entrepreneur and is ‘The Business Tycoon’ who in a short span of just seven years, has given plinth to a group of companies followed by superior marketing strategy to pace in the competitive Market. Mr. Anil Kaneria is carving out a vision of a large corporation with a high growing agenda, well-timed strategic moves and inspired leadership. Trusting As an organization, Kaneria Granito Ltd., is a dynamic aggressive venture which deals in the manufacturing and marketing of premium of India’s No.1 Quality vitrified tiles. Along with “Team Kaneria” the layout of the plant area in 3,40,000 sq.ft. is situated near Dahej Port.
This is totally an industrial area which has industrial houses Reliance, Birla Copper, O.N.G.C., L.N.G. Petronet, Welspun.. The vitrified tile industry is growing at a pace of 48% growth during the span of 5 years and now it is Rs.16,000 crores size Ceramics Market.
The Market
We seriously believe in the statement given by head of the country that SENSEX will rise to 1,00,000 points in the Year 2020 which will take our industry to sky high limits. Glodman Says - The globally reputed Management says, “Indian economy will overtake most of the Economies of the world by 2030”.
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